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Last Bite: La Cocina Nola

Last Bite: La Cocina Nola

Charcuterie board by La Cocina Nola

by Sarah Spencer

What started out as cooking family meals for friends and family during the pandemic quickly turned into a passion for Kathryn Perrin, which then led to a business: La Cocina.. Initially in Miami, Kathryn’s hometown, La Cocina became La Cocina Nola when she and her family moved to Louisiana, although the business still operates in Miami, as well. Kathryn is no stranger to food, learning how to work her way around the kitchen and the ins and outs of Cuban classics as a young child with the guidance of her great-grandmother, Abuela Nena.

The menu at La Cocina Nola showcases Kathryn’s culturally diverse background and her exemplary culinary skills. As a catering company, La Cocina Nola specializes in meals for large groups. Whether it’s for a family of four who wants a delicious meal to a birthday or wedding party, La Cocina Nola can craft an unforgettable culinary experience. La Cocina offers Cuban dishes such as lechón and black beans, but also a wide range of meals suited for everyone, including carne asada enchiladas, rosemary-infused ribeyes, rigatoni, shrimp, salmon, chicken, and so much more.

Of course, one of the staples of a large party is a charcuterie board. The charcuterie boards crafted by La Cocina Nola play with local ingredients (as do all their meals). There are always three different types of cured meats, such as prosciutto and salami; an assortment of both hard and soft cheese from different areas; nuts; honeycomb; and local crackers. In addition, she also frequently adds a variety of macaroons or house-made cookies.

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Invigorate your next event with La Cocina Nola. 305-336-6877. Follow on Instagram or Facebook at @lacocinanola.

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