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Wedding Trends of 2023

Wedding Trends of 2023

by Kelly Hightower

AS WE ENTER the wedding season of 2023, the industry is evening out from the frantic pace of backlogged weddings that were finally able to take place in 2022. Wedding etiquette is no longer a rigid set of rules and requirements. Most couples want their unique personalities to clearly define their special day. The need to keep celebrations small and intimate post-pandemic highlighted the value of limiting the guest list to the couple’s inner circle. A meaningful lesson taken from our time in quarantine is longer celebrations with a closer group of friends and family. Yet, now that international travel has less restrictions, destination weddings are on the rise.


I DO Bridal Couture sets itself apart from other bridal boutiques because it has the capacity to customize a gown to any bride’s vision. Raegyn Bouza of I DO says its dress designers are fully exclusive in Louisiana which allows a bride to find a dress that is not duplicated. Having just returned from viewing the latest collections in New York City, Raegyn is excited to see the return of traditional details like intricate beading and the use of pearls, but gloves are her favorite addition for 2023! Topping off your look with a bow will never go out of style.


Colored and floral gowns are also emerging as a unique way for the bride to express herself. Pale blue and pastel pink wedding gowns for the bride will shake up the 2023 wedding scene. Wedding guests will also see an emphasis on neutral bridesmaid dresses. For the gentlemen in the wedding party, suits in every shade of blue are being chosen for a more casual vibe.

Chloé T. Potter, owner and designer of GLO Event Decor, specializes in event design and decor, so candles, candles, and more candles are the most requested item to add drama and ambience to any event. Chloe works with a couple to get to know them and then incorporates their unique personalities into the details of their special day. Choosing colors with purpose and meaning can highlight the differences of the engaged couple, or combining colors can also represent the joining of two families in the marriage. Chloe has become an expert in combining color and light to complement the couple.

The Balcony Ballroom.

The Balcony Ballroom


Since 1974, Balcony Ballroom has delivered all-inclusive service and removed the many stresses of planning the perfect wedding. According to Vanessa Van Vrancken, as a family-

owned business, treating everyone as family is second-nature to their staff. With the experience that comes from continuously operating for 48 years, Balcony Ballroom has seen multiple trends over the decades. The most current novelty is the phone booth which gives guests the opportunity to record personal messages to the bride and groom.

Personal messages are a two-way street. What about the wedding guests who have traveled across the country to share your special day? Instead of leaving a welcome goody bag in their hotel room, opt for taking the time to pen a handwritten note expressing your gratitude.

The elegant selection of dresses at I Do Bridal Couture

The elegant selection of dresses at I Do Bridal Couture


Who really knows where the superstition comes from that on the wedding day the couple should not see each other until the ceremony? The amount of couples taking posed photo shoots before the ceremony has been on the rise over the last decade. But, getting ready with your significant other is a new concept that just might catch on. Not only does it reduce the nerves and jitters, it also gives the couple more time together on a day that is supposed to be about celebrating their relationship.

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Stacy Marks has been a wedding photographer for over twentytwo years, capturing memories with his camera every weekend. What Stacy sees as the latest request before the nuptials is the First Look. This is a private moment shared between the couple when they see each other for the first time one-on-one as opposed to the big reveal occurring while walking down the aisle. It is a quiet, emotional time that sets the tone of the day.

360 photo booth - New Orleans Photo Booth Company.

360 photo booth – New Orleans Photo Booth Company


Let’s face it; the guest got dressed up too! Everyone thought that the photo booth with props would die out, but it’s a great way to get everyone to relax and enjoy the party. Modern photo booths are actually open-air. Matthew Reineke of New Orleans Photo Booth Company says the most popular style of wedding pictures from the photo booth is black and white images with a glam filter.

Get ready to step on the platform of a 360 photo booth which actually captures a slow-motion video and digitally transmits it via email or text message. This new technology allows music choice and immediate viewing of the video with automatic editing that changes the speed of the movement for a high energy recording of the fun. According to Matt, over the past year 360 photo booths have now become more affordable for vendors to offer for party rentals.


With more couples deciding to spend their time together to prepare for the actual celebration, having time together at the end of their reception perfectly bookends the day that focuses on the happy twosome. Kick the guests off the dance floor for the final song. Many newlyweds will be closing out their nuptials with a private dance; only the photographer is allowed.

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