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Medical Condition: Nasal obstruction and cosmetic disproportion after previous rhinoplasties

Medical Condition: Nasal obstruction and cosmetic disproportion after previous rhinoplasties

by Kelly Hightower

Treatment: Revision rhinoplasty

WITH HER FIRST RHINOPLASTY in 1999 and two more in 2001, J.P. was left with an asymmetrical nose and a collapsed airway that was worsening over time. As she began to research her condition, she discovered that there have been significant advancements over the last twenty years that could strengthen her nasal sidewalls.

Because her breathing issues were increasing, J.P. met with multiple doctors to determine which doctor would be best for her. She also figured she would ask for an additional, desired procedure, a lip lift, since she was already going ‘under the knife’. “Dr. Melancon was the only doctor that said ‘No,’” declares J.P., “and her reasoning made perfect sense.” Given the risks associated with performing a lip lift simultaneously with a revision rhinoplasty due to possible poor blood supply, Dr. Melancon advised against doing them together.

J.P. chose Dr. Melancon to perform the surgery because it was evident that she had the calm patience to get it right. “Her talent alone is enough to make Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery the absolute best; however, she employs a staff of the most helpful, friendly, and accommodating professionals I have ever met in my life. This makes her office an absolute pleasure to visit.” According to J.P., “I feel totally back to normal and have a newfound confidence about my appearance.”

Many surgeon do not want to accept challenging revision cases, but Dr. Melancon finds these surgeries some of the most gratifying. “ There is nothing better than making a patient happy after years of dissatisfaction with prior surgeries. J.P. had a fantastic outcome after her revision rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Melancon. “ Her nose looks fantastic- more feminine, more refined. Most importantly, she can breathe through her nose again!”

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C. Claire Melancon, M.D., is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery focusing only on the face and neck. After receiving a B.S. in biology from LSU, an M.S. in advanced biology from Tulane, an M.D. from LSU, and a residency at Wake Forest, Dr. Melancon completed a fellowship in facial plastic surgery in Houston. Specifically, she received in-depth training in handling challenging revision cases.

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