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Get Fit: Ways to Kick Off the New Decade with Positivity

Get Fit: Ways to Kick Off the New Decade with Positivity

by Ingrid Rinck

DOES ANYONE ELSE feel like the year 2020 was longer than all of our prior years put together? Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unorganized? The beginning of a new year, or decade in this instance, is the perfect time to reset yourself. Let’s turn your inner light back on, clear out the haze and get you on track to vibrating higher.

Everything is made of energy and has its own individual vibration. You have your own unique energy. Everything around us is in a constant state of receiving and emitting energy. The frequency of this energy falls on a spectrum from light to dark with light energy being rooted in love and dark energy rooted in fear. As an electromagnetic being, you attract experiences and relationships that match your frequency.

I’ll bet you are wondering why this new information matters and how it can affect your new decade. After a really intense year filled with a pandemic, high unemployment, contentious election campaigns and limited schooling, the air is dense with dark energy. It is up to you to clear out the environment within and around you. Don’t be consumed by outside influences. Take back control of your emotions and path by seeking light and accepting it back in.

Here are some ways you can re-introduce positive energy. Start with simple tasks such as unenrolling from spam email lists of products you do not use, unsubscribing from apps you pay for and never open, throwing away expired foods and medicines hiding in your cabinets, and deleting old contacts you haven’t spoken to in the past year. This opens up new space for good energy.

Have you been putting off going to the doctor, calling your personal trainer, or starting a new healthy relationship with food? There is no better time to do those things than today! Go forth into the new decade with everything in order, scheduled and planned. New decade, new you. Plus, (hint, hint) many health and fitness companies have end of the year pricing to set you up for success in the coming months.

While on the topic of health, remember that the food you eat will determine how you feel each day. Eating nutritious, low- calorie foods that fuel your body is an important factor in your overall energy. In fact, even if you are not trying to drop any excess pounds, eating a reduced-calorie diet has so many benefits: weight control, anti- aging, anti-inflammatory, better memory, sleep and mood. A calorie-reduced diet is quite easily the fountain of youth. My company, Sensible Meals, has several low- calorie meal plans to choose from that help to raise your vibration level.

Just as valuable is the space in which you live. It should be kept clean and organized. Many studies have shown that cleaning has a positive effect on our mental health by helping us gain a sense of control over our environment. Focusing on, and being absorbed in, the activity itself can also help calm your mind and can relieve anxiety
and mild depression, especially the holiday, end-of-year blues. Keeping your living space clutter free has also been found to help improve mood and provide us with a sense of

satisfaction. One helpful tip I use is moving items around in my home to recharge my space. Seasonally or yearly, move furniture, hang pictures of your loved ones, or update fragrances in your home. What we see, feel and smell affects our energy level.

Now what about taking it to a more spiritual level? When creating light in your space, here are some of my go-to daily steps to banish destructive cycles, garner strength and draw in a healing dynamic:

1. Wake up with gratitude.

2. Replace a negative thought with a positive thought.

3. Cut off negative influences.

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4. Recognize your power. Learn to love and accept your unique self.

5. Learn to be ok with silence.

6. Heal yourself first. Do whatever it takes to make all roads lead to healing.

When you are healing, you radiate light that was once overshadowed. These are things I have found to help me ward off the end- of-year slump and go into a brand-new year feeling my best. When we feel our best and love ourselves, we glow with positive energy which attracts people, things and experiences that glow as well.

If you’re reading this and have enjoyed it, have a question, or just want to say hello, please follow me @IngridRinck. I would love to help bring more positivity to your days. You can also learn more about my business at or follow along @SensibleMeals.

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