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Crushing It During COVID-19

Crushing It During COVID-19

How to Come Out of this Social Isolation Healthier, Fitter, and More Mentally Stable

By Ingrid Rinck

I WAS RECENTLY ASKED the question about how I planned to get a beach body during quarantine, and that really got me thinking. For starters, a beach body won’t do me any good if there’s no place to go…and for who knows how long. Secondly, and more importantly, I think while it’s wonderful to dream and to think about the future always (y’all know by now that I’m a huge vision board person) right now I understand that people aren’t thinking necessarily about their long-term goals and dreams. They’re merely just trying to get through each week. 

We will definitely make it through this hard period of time, and even just coming out on the other end relatively unscathed will be something to brag about. Rather than striving for perfection, and that perfect beach body, why not just strive to come out of quarantine better than when we went into it? 

By setting attainable goals for ourselves we can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment during this crisis, learn some new skills, perhaps master others, and spend some quality time with our family. If we don’t come out of this looking like swimsuit models, that’s okay—we made it through and ideally a better version of ourselves. 

Here are some ways that you can crush it during COVID-19: 

1. Schedule a Live Class. Thanks to modern technology you can now participate in live on-demand classes. By adding them into your calendar and blocking out other distractions from that half hour or hour, you’ll set yourself up for success. Pat yourself on the back when you’re done and try to get your kids or your spouse involved with you, so that everyone becomes a little bit healthier. 

Ideas to try: Sensible Meals on YouTube and Jerren Pierce at Equipfit both offer free workouts. Another great resource is the Romney streaming app by another local trainer, Erin Romney. 

2. Learn a New Skill. Pick something you always were intrigued to learn, give yourself a definitive time and start practicing. For an added push, share your progress on social media to help keep you accountable as your friends/family get to watch you succeed! 

Ideas to try: Meditation (try the Calm app), crocheting, learning to play the guitar, cooking, baking, or even learning a choreographed dance routine would be super fun ( for the whole family). 

3. Get rid of temptations. There’s probably something in your house that isn’t good for you and looking at it, or being near it, every day is probably making you want to cheat. If you’re trying to quit smoking, don’t have a “rainy day cigarette” in your home. If you’re trying to drink less, lock up your bar. If you’re trying to eat right, get rid of those unhealthy snacks and replace them with better alternatives. 

Ideas to try: Sensible Meals has healthy food options and you know we have your back! We provide already cooked meals that can be picked up safely or delivered to your door. 

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4. Tie Up Loose Ends. We all have a to-do list
and many of us have some boxes that never seem to get checked off. Go through those lists and tie up loose ends, finish things, and complete tasks that you previously left incomplete because you didn’t have the time. 

Ideas to try: Go through your phone and listen to voicemails, delete old ones, return all phone calls. Clean out a closet that you haven’t touched in years, or finally attack that junk drawer in your kitchen. 

5. Focus on your emotional health, and the emotional health of your family. We are often rushed in regular life and are so busy making sure bills are paid and bodies are staying in shape that we don’t get to truly check in with our significant others and children about where they are at in their own lives. Admittedly, the
“what did you do today?” question is kind of useless right now, but you can ask your kids questions like “what is your favorite color?” or “is there anything you wish that Mommy and Daddy would do more of with you?” or “what would you like to be when you grow up?” 

Ideas to try: Let each family member write down a few questions on a piece of paper and throw them into a bowl. At each meal, take turns answering a few that you’ve pulled randomly. Another fun idea is to take turns allowing each family member to plan a meal, a dinner conversation topic, and an after-meal social activity, like choreographing a dance routine as mentioned above. 

After you’ve done these things, you’ll probably feel pretty empowered, so don’t stop there! Please tag me @IngridRinck or @SensibleMeals so that I can see your progress. I’d love to see what all of you are accomplishing during these uncertain times! 

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