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IN Business – Morgan Moone of Barre3

IN Business – Morgan Moone of Barre3

MORGAN MOONE BECAME PASSIONATE about Barre3 when she moved to New Orleans in 2014. As a first-year law student, she knew she needed a physical outlet that would also restore her mind. She liked that the Barre3 classes were challenging, accessible, and centering, so she took her first class and was hooked, eventually becoming an instructor.  After being away from New Orleans for a while, Morgan returned to the city and discovered that the Barre3 studios in the area were for sale. She purchased them without hesitation because, as she explains, “I wanted to pour back into the community that had sustained me for seven years.” Thus, in May of 2021, Morgan became the excited owner of the Barre3 Studios in Uptown and Old Metairie, followed by the Downtown location six months later.

Barre3 combines strength training, cardio, and mindfulness in a peaceful, thoughtful setting. Morgan explains, “Barre3 is focused on the mind-body connection that is loving, “grace-full,” and dedicated to the individual regardless of how they show up in the studio.” No matter your state of mind upon arrival, once in the confines of the Barre3 studio with the willingness to simply be there and participate, it is impossible not to gain mental clarity and an overall sense of wellness.

Morgan wants people to know that Barre3 surpasses the concept of a mere workout; it serves as a way to connect with inner wisdom, not despite setbacks, but because of them. The idea is that it’s okay not to be your best at something on a given day. The goal is simple: accept where you are, respect your body’s current state, and aspire for growth over perfection, the basic principles of the Barre3 philosophy.

Morgan’s favorite part of running the Barre3 Studios is the people. She appreciates the dedication of her staff, not hesitating to add, “Our team is truly outstanding- they pour their heart and soul into our clients and the experience in the studio.”  She also enjoys the clients because they are positive, joyful, and genuinely support each other.

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As Morgan approaches the ten-year mark of calling New Orleans home, she reflects on all the good these years have brought her. She is grateful for her community and is committed to it, “…I have a deep passion for public health and work intentionally with organizations across the city, pushing for greater healthcare and wellness access for our community.”

For this intelligent, book-loving, nature-seeking, independent woman, what initially began as a simple physical and mental escape during her first year of law school has evolved into a life-altering journey. It has provided Morgan Moone with balance, a beautiful sense of purpose, and cherished relationships destined to endure for a lifetime.

Barrre3 Studio New Orleans, 611 O’Keefe Ave., 5235 Magazine St., 600 Metairie Road. Instagram: @barre3neworleans

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