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Built for a Lifetime: Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights Celebrates 75 Years

Built for a Lifetime: Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights Celebrates 75 Years

BEVOLO GAS & ELECTRIC LIGHTS has manufactured traditional and antique lighting in New Orleans since 1945. As a generational family business, Bevolo holds true to the belief that old-world craftsmanship, and the highest standard of quality and innovation is what truly makes a Bevolo fixture last a lifetime.

Like New Orleans, Bevolo’s brand is deeply rooted in history and tradition and, although they are constantly evolving and developing to stay on trend, they believe that classic design and quality products never go out of style. As Bevolo celebrates their 75th anniversary in the French Quarter this year, they look back on all of the wonderful projects and stories they are so fortunate to have been a part of.

A favorite and one of the most iconic stories is that of its inception. After WWII, Andrew Bevolo Sr. opened a metalworking shop in the French Quarter after a career working with historic manufacturing companies including Ford, Sikorsky, and Higgins. While tinkering in his metal shop, legendary architect A. Hays Town walked by, heard Mr. Bevolo working, and inquired if he would collaborate on a special handcrafted copper lantern. Mr. Bevolo Sr. then replied, “If you can draw it, I can make it!” and from that initial encounter the Original French Quarter lantern was born – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Bevolo’s store front in 1956.

The iconic lanterns are shipped all over the world, but each and every one is handmade locally by master craftsmen passionate about their time-honored art form. Seventy-
five years later, the individuals who handset each and every rivet are still at the focal point of everything Bevolo does. In honor of Bevolo’s anniversary, all lanterns made from this point forward will bear their craftsman’s “Maker’s Mark”, along with the signature Bevolo tag and serial number. A maker’s mark is one of the earliest forms of trademarking and has been used for centuries by craftsmen to claim responsibility for their work.

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Just like each lantern they make, all Bevolo craftsmen have their individual intricacies and details. Their dedication to quality and their trade is also the reason your lantern will last a lifetime… whether a true treasure from 1945 or made today.

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