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Inspired by Nature: Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs

Inspired by Nature: Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs

JENNIFER PONSON of Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs has been preparing for her career as a jewelry designer all her life. From her early days as an orthodontic assistant learning to bend wire to working at Pensacola State College while she accessed the knowledge of the welding and chemistry departments to develop her bonding process and signature patina, Jennifer was always preparing for her creative and unique designs. Jennifer’s daughter’s passion for geology and rocks also inspired her to learn more about semi-precious stones which became a common facet in her pieces. Below, we asked Jennifer a little more about her business.

INO: Why did you start Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs?

JP: After 30 years in education, I wanted to do something that made people smile and brings joy. When people see my creations, they smile, and smiles are contagious!

INO: What sets your jewelry apart?

JP: It’s one-of-a-kind that nature provides. I spend a lot of time curating just the right parts to create the perfect piece of wearable art.

INO: What can a beautiful piece of jewelry do for an outfit?

JP: The piece can make a statement and generate a conversation. It also gives the wearer a spark of confidence that allows them to connect with others.

INO: How do you source your materials?

JP: Through a network of importers, rock “hounds” and sometimes finished art.

INO: What is your favorite part of owning a jewelry business?

JP: When I’m in my studio surrounded by raw materials, my creative process, or the “magic” happens, and the next thing I know, I have 20 pieces of wearable art which showcase my ideas.

INO: What’s your best advice when helping a customer choose a piece?

Touch it–feel it. All of my jewelry pieces have a different energy. It should feel good to touch and make you feel good while wearing it.

INO: What part of jewelry making do you like most?

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JP: Watching the delight on a customer’s face when they find their perfect piece.

INO: What are your pieces inspired by?

JP: Mother Nature’s beauty and family heirlooms.

INO: How do you hope to make your jewelry wearers feel?

JP: Like they have found something that connects them to its years of history.

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