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Updating a Dynasty: Redesigning Boudreaux’s Jewelers

Updating a Dynasty: Redesigning Boudreaux’s Jewelers

by Sarah Spencer

BOUDREAUX’S JEWELERS HAS BEEN such a staple in South Louisiana, with locations in Metairie, Mandeville, and Baton Rouge, that you probably have a ring, necklace, or watch that has been purchased or repaired by the family’s dedication and expertise. Boudreaux’s has been in business since 1933, with their original location on Baronne Street. They have been at their location in Old Metairie Village on Metairie Road since 1985, serving local families in choosing high-end jewelry. After nearly 40 years, however, the family decided it was time to update the store’s design.

“Our old store had served us very well in maintaining the traditional elements of high-end jewelry that we always have been associated with, but our goal in the renovated look was to bring a sense of lightness and modernity to the space, reflect a luxurious atmosphere, and to make the space inviting and friendly for all of our clients,” says Brandon Boudreaux, a fourth-generation jeweler who spearheaded the design process.

Redesigning the store was several years in the making, starting with a jewelry retail design firm to confirm the layout and function of the jewelry cases and to help manage the flow of traffic. “Everything starts with making sure the layout reflects the best shopping experience for our clients,” Brandon notes. “Are they shopping for a small gift for a niece, or is it a young person looking to get engaged? Those clients need different spaces to have those two types of conversations.”

In addition to improving the customer experience, the design changes add to the overall aesthetic of the store. After solidifying the case layout and general design, the family consulted with an interior decorator and luxury jewelry case manufacturer. “Jewelry cases are a specialty, and there are only a few firms in the country that manufacture the highest quality millwork, so we were coordinating across the country for months on refining design, material selection, and the function of the cases.”

With nearly 90 years of service and four generations of dedication, Boudreaux’s Jewelers has garnered close relationships with local families, helping customers choose graduation gifts, engagement rings, and offering repairs, as well. The family has always been committed to offering the best available prices for the best quality of diamonds and jewelry, they truly take pride in listening to their clients about their true desires in their purchase. “The jewelry industry is such a perfect blend of science and art,” Brandon muses. “We’re committed to being true professionals in the scientific process of sourcing, analyzing, and selecting gemstones. From there, in design and manufacturing, we can focus on the artistic elements that bring these raw materials to life and reflect the style of jewelry that we’ve become renowned for.” In addition to having a desire to create the best experience for their clients, everyone in the family lineage are Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California.

Those of you who are familiar with the family who haven’t stopped by  the store in a little while may have noticed that Brandon looks a little different in our pictures for this feature than usual. He has been battling cancer since this summer.

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 He has remained active at the store and in the design process, and his family has been extremely supportive. With further treatment and surgery scheduled for the holidays, his physical presence may be missing, but for clients visiting Boudreaux’s newly renovated store, his touch in updating this iconic New Orleans business is evident.

With such dedication to the craft, customer service, and family values, Boudreaux’s Jewelers has created the perfect space to find the gem to your next milestone, “We’re truly dedicated to our craft, in every element of it,” Brandon says. “Creating quality jewelry is something we do not take lightly. We’ve committed four generations of our family legacy to honing that craft and skill to bring Louisiana the finest local jewelry. “

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