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Recognizing Local Leading Doctors of Excellence


Child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Michael Henke is driven by passion, experience, and a commitment to mental health. His practice, Trajectory Psychiatry, is built upon these fundamental elements, which serve as its cornerstone.

The psychiatry field inspiration struck Dr. Henke during medical school as he explored subspecialties, and psychiatry became the frontrunner. “Psychiatry became the most appealing to me because I found it the most interesting,” recalls Dr. Henke. His interest in child and adolescent psychiatry blossomed during residency, fueled by a genuine enjoyment of the subspecialty.

In distinguishing his approach to patient care, Dr. Henke underscores the importance of a relaxed and approachable demeanor, providing his patients and their families direct access to him between appointments. Expressing his perspective on communication outside scheduled sessions, Dr. Henke notes, “I believe individuals find it more personal and meaningful, and they value not having to navigate through layers of insulation around their doctor.” While medication is within his expertise, he sees as much value in psychotherapeutic interventions for patients. Collaborating with pediatricians, primary care providers, and therapists is integral to Dr. Henke’s approach to psychiatry and dedication to personalized patient care makes him a leading doctor in the mental health community, fostering positive trajectories for individuals and families alike.


With a background in general surgery and an additional plastic surgery fellowship at LSU, award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Khoobehi embarked on his plastic surgery practice in 1997.

Dr. Khoobehi emphasizes a holistic approach, treating patients comprehensively. “I listen to my patients’ desires, goals, and what outcome they are expecting. I then make a recommendation based on my knowledge and experience on how we can achieve the best outcome,” Dr. Khoobehi explains.

Dr. Khoobehi ensures that he understands his patients’ goals and that his patients understand what lies ahead in their procedure. He achieves this by encouraging patients to bring photos of their desired surgical outcome and consulting with them on attainable and realistic outcomes using Vectra 3D imaging to show the patient the surgical transformation. For Dr. Khoobehi, witnessing the remarkable transformation in a patient’s self-confidence is the most rewarding aspect of his career.

Dr. Khoobehi is a frequent conference presenter, teacher, and learner. He contributes significantly to his field by training future plastic surgeons, overseeing aesthetic plastic surgery at LSU, and offering one lucky resident a oneyear cosmetics fellowship in his practice.

Beyond his practice, Dr. Khoobehi enjoys family time, cooking, and exploring new technologies and techniques to provide his patients with the best results.


New Orleans facial plastic surgeon Dr. Claire Melancon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice, Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Melancon completed medical school at LSU in New Orleans, focusing on plastic surgery uniquely on the head and neck. Her dedication to excellence led her to pursue further training in head and neck/otolaryngology at Wake Forest Medical Center in North Carolina, followed by a fellowship solely focused on cosmetic facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Melancon’s artistic background and a keen interest in facial intricacies were pivotal in choosing her specialization. “I am inspired by the detail and artistry in the face, facial expression, and the effect our faces have on how we are perceived in the world. I enjoy the surgical challenge of intricate anatomy and focusing on excelling in a small area, which led me to choose to subspecialize.”

Dr. Melancon established Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery with a boutique model of surgical care. This patient-centric approach ensures one-on-one time, personal assistance, and frequent follow-ups, fostering a long-term patient connection. The clinic’s environment centers around the individual journey, creating a supportive and personalized experience. For Dr. Melancon, effective communication and collaboration are the mainstays of her practice.

Audubon Facial Plastic Surgery reflects Dr. Melancon’s vision of a unique and special place. The clinic’s artistic, peaceful, and stunning design mirrors Dr. Melancon’s passion for patient care and a patient-centered experience, where every detail reflects a commitment to excellence.

When not helping her patients, Dr. Melancon spends time with her twins, William and Adeline, exploring the city, traveling, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors as a family.


Double Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Ali Sadeghi’s commitment to patient care and continuous learning has shaped a career marked by dedication and expertise in his field.

His fascination with the transformative impact of plastic and reconstructive surgery led Dr. Sadeghi to enter his field, but witnessing his ability to restore both form and function and provide renewed patient confidence fueled his passion. Further adding to his zeal was plastic surgery’s artistic and intricate nature.

Dr. Sadeghi characterizes his personalized and comprehensive methodology when considering patient care, prioritizing open communication, and ensuring active patient participation in treatment decisions. He notes, “Building relationships with patients and being part of their journey towards increased confidence and improved quality of life is the ultimate reward. The intersection of medical expertise and the positive impact on individuals emotionally and functionally makes every success in my practice profoundly fulfilling.” Combining empathy with the latest advancements in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he aims to provide optimal medical outcomes in a supportive environment.

For Dr. Sadeghi, breast reconstruction is an area of particular devotion, where he feels that advancements can significantly impact patient outcomes. Beyond his practice, community involvement is crucial, and where he dedicates time to the American Cancer Society and CAGLA to contribute positively beyond the medical field. These pursuits align with a commitment to holistic healthcare and making a meaningful difference in individual lives and the broader community.

Participating in medical conferences, workshops, and initiatives with fellow healthcare professionals is a way that Dr. Sadeghi contributes to the local medical community. His hope is to make a positive impact by promoting collaboration, advancing medical knowledge, and enhancing healthcare accessibility for the community.


Conveying a distinctive and individualized approach to her patients is an area in which Dr. Zeena Al-Dujaili takes great pride. An esteemed dermatologist with Double Board Certification in Dermatology and Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery, Dr. Zeena founded her practice, New Orleans Aesthetics, in 2019.

Treating the complete individual by addressing cosmetic and medical issues is essential to Dr. Zeena. “I strive to deliver highly personalized care to everyone. No two patients are alike, so I don’t have a standard cookie-cutter approach to anything that I do,” she notes. This individualized approach distinguishes her as a dermatologist who goes beyond customary care.

Remaining at the forefront of advancements, Dr. Zeena participates in the ever-evolving cosmetic and dermatology industry. Regularly attending conferences and staying up-to-date with current journals ensure that she stays informed about the latest techniques, technologies, and best practices in her field.

For Dr. Zeena, the most gratifying part of practicing dermatology is practicing what she calls ‘happy medicine’ because most issues in her field are curable. She explains, “By improving the exterior, most people will feel uplifted and confident because the exterior is usually our first impression.”

Effective communication and collaboration take precedence in Dr. Zeena’s boutique practice. With a personalized approach, she gives patients ample time for questions and concerns, fostering a close doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Zeena’s ultimate goal for her patients is to enhance their natural beauty and allow them to look and feel better without altering their individuality. Her focus on uplifting and beautifying patients underscores her commitment to providing a positive and personalized medical experience.


Dr. Robert Bostick was destined for a medical career, growing up in a family where his father was a pediatrician and his mother was an emergency room nurse. Fascinated by science and inspired by his parent’s passion for patient care, becoming a medical doctor was the only career path he considered.

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The appeal of orthopedic surgery began with a rotation at Charity Hospital with the LSU Orthopedic Surgery team in medical school. Driven by the immediate impact on patients recovering from musculoskeletal issues, regardless of the severity of the injury, Dr. Bostick found his passion. Following medical school, he pursued further training with the LSU Orthopedic Department at Charity Hospital, becoming board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Bostick is trained in various surgical procedures, including fracture care, ligament reconstruction, tendon repair, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, and robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery. While surgery is crucial, he offers a wide array of non-operative treatments and specializes in alternative injections, such as ortho-biologic injections. For Dr. Bostick, the best part of his profession is helping patients regain their lifestyle and activities.

A member of multiple national and local societies, including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Arthroscopy Association of North America, Dr. Bostick has been acknowledged as a “Top Doctor” by Castle Connolly. He is actively involved in the medical community and serves on the LSU Medical Alumni Board and the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council. With a commitment to excellence in his field and top-notch care, Dr. Bostick stays up-to-date through conferences and reviewing medical journals in his specialty.

When he is not caring for his patients, Dr. Bostick enjoys listening to music, playing guitar in a local band, sailing, traveling, and indulging his DIY passion.


Dr. Scott Hebert, a dedicated oncologist with a rich background, brings a unique perspective to cancer care. Growing up in South Louisiana, he spent his teenage years working on a trawl boat and later in the oil field. He graduated from Nicholls State University and completed medical school at LSU in New Orleans. Dr. Hebert completed a residency in internal medicine, followed by a fellowship in hematology and oncology. He began working with Thibodaux Regional Health System in 2018, contributing to the local medical community.

Oncology as a specialty was an ideal choice for Dr. Hebert because he values the connection with his patients and is passionate about guiding them through their cancer treatment. “I enjoy the connection with my patients and families. This connection helps me focus on successful treatment methods, regardless of disease severity. The combination of ongoing improvement to help patients that I care for keeps me engaged in this field,” notes Dr. Hebert.

Dr. Hebert emphasizes the goal of care in oncology. Recognizing that not all diseases are curable, he focuses on making them treatable. Each patient’s unique goals and involvement in shared decision-making guide his comprehensive approach to care. Whether returning to work, walking again, or simply feeling good, witnessing improvement encourages and reinforces his dedication and is his reward.

The Thibodeaux Regional community is important to Dr. Hebert. He is passionate about educating locals on cancer and gives community talks and open discussions about common cancers.

Appreciating moments with his family, they enjoy activities like hunting, fishing, playing sports, watching movies, and traveling together.


Dr. Mignonne Mary brings extensive experience and expertise to her practice, The Remedy Room. After completing medical school and an internal medicine residency at LSU in New Orleans, her journey in medicine took a unique turn when she founded The Remedy Room in 2013, pioneering a distinctive approach to wellness and recovery. Dr. Mary is committed to prevention and optimal health, focusing on addressing the root cause, which sets her apart in integrative medicine.

Her holistic, personalized approach considers the individual needs of each patient, optimizing their health and well-being. Her dedication to patient education empowers individuals to take charge of their health, offering insights into inflammatory markers and noninvasive preventative tests.

Staying up-to-date on the latest advancements in holistic and integrative medicine is essential to Dr. Mary’s work. She is passionate about acquiring knowledge in her field and regularly attends conferences, reads extensively, and collaborates with a peer group of integrative providers to glean the most up-to-date developments and advancements.

Beyond her clinic, Dr. Mary is dedicated to community involvement, sharing valuable nutritional and cellular medicine resources. With her multifaceted contributions, Dr. Mary is significantly impacting the local medical community, promoting optimal health solutions.

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